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Funny Amazon reviews are a whole new world to explore. Sometimes the human mind is one of the most amazing sources of inspiration, and if you let it run free, it can become an amazing outlet of real events that may sound like the are part of a sci-fiction stories. And what better place to get lost reading what amazing – and kinda weird – events have happened to others than on Amazon Reviews, don’t you think?

Sometimes you are surfing through Amazon, with not a clear idea in mind of what you may want to buy, wondering what amazing products you could run into (this website is a great example). Then, you find something that looks kinda cool, and then you decide to order it, but maybe what you do receive do not fit exactly as you have expected.

Kids section: fails that become funny Amazon reviews

You think that you may become the coolest parent of your kids’ school, but you should keep in mind that is the thought what counts.

Maybe you should have read better what where the indications of what you were about to purchase, because you may fall into a case of Expectation vs. Reality on Amazon. Be careful before you create high expectations on your kids before your order arrives…

And if you do want to play with your kids, we would like to recommend you to keep it chill and try not to mortify them by creating an unnecessary childhood-trauma (even though you may not be realizing that your purchase of choice may not be as horrific as they may find it)…

Do you think you may be the most brilliant parent out of your kids’ football team, but actually you may be wrong… Kinda.

But if you are all-in for ending up leaving a funny Amazon review, there you go. Feel free to get a product to enjoy teaching something to your kids, but end up with a plot twist of your real purpose…

Funny Amazon Reviews for when you feel empowering women

We have always being using pens and we have not come to realize that we were leaving women out of the writing-world. Because no one wants to bully another human being, BIC have come through with some pens to cure our lack of feminism.


Amazon Reviews for when you think your life is at risk

Well, we do know that life is hard, but imagine having to turn into a State’s Witness but your government is actually so poor that cannot provide you with enough money to protect your identity that this is everything you get…

But if you are between going to the gym to get ripped or get a useful “weapon” you can easily get your hands on whenever you feel at danger, you better think your answer before commiting to a purchase, or you will end up leaving a funny Amazon review when it fails you…

Asking the Amazon’s Gods about the purpose of life

Just go Amazon shopping to try out achieving immortality… Let us know how it goes.

But maybe you feel a little bit more in the mood for re-read the scriptures. What about the Holy Bible? Did you not know it was a part 2 published? Well, you may be right or wrong, but keep in mind that God is improving his writing skills and you may be missing out (no offense intended).

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