The 'Extreme' Daiquiri Whacker
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The "Extreme" Daiquiri Whacker
  • The Daiquiri Whacker takes the fine art of making blender drinks to the extreme!
  • No longer are you restricted by extension cords or generators.
  • The two-horse powered Homelite motor has enough power to whip up a batch of your favorite blended drink faster than you can say Dos Margaritas Por Favor!
  • Take the Daiquiri Whacker to your next tailgate party, to a day at the races, concert, boating trip, a day at the beach, or just any outdoor function.
  • Each Daiquiri Whacker includes (1) Mountain Saftey Research aluminum fuel bottle for mixing and fuel storage.We also include a FREE can of oil to treat your first gallon of gas. It is our way of getting your party started faster!!

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